Service Emergency/Auxiliary Generator

Just in case and keep checking regularily

As the name "emergency generator" suggests, it is not used in normal times, so maintenance tends to be neglected compared to other equipment.
However, there is no guarantee that you will drive correctly and promptly in an emergency unless you check it on a regular basis.
It is our job to support our customers in preparing for the “what if”.

Case StudyEmergency generator maintenance and inspection

Since it was a maintenance inspection of an emergency generator installed in a certain Self-Defense Forces base, we conducted a one-year inspection based on the "Common Specifications for Building Maintenance Operations" supervised by the Ministry of Land,
Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Minister's Secretariat Government Repair Department. In addition to replacing the coolant along with the maintenance and inspection of the generator, we also conducted a protective relay test and confirmed that the generator was in a state where it could start reliably in the event of an emergency.